• Samir Caica

    Samir Caica

  • Juan José Zermeño G.

    Juan José Zermeño G.

    Ingeniero en Sistemas, Web Developer. Whatever you're thinking.. think Bigger!

  • Antonio Altamirano

    Antonio Altamirano

    Tech Entrepreneur

  • Adán G. Galván González

    Adán G. Galván González

    Likes: parties, coding, teas, music, films & minimalism. Trying hard since 1989… ex maker at @ixpibike

  • Ramphis Castro

    Ramphis Castro

    Founding Partner — ScienceVest. His research interests include startup ecosystem building and pre-seed tech-commercialization a.k.a. — Hard-Tech.

  • Darius Lau

    Darius Lau

    designer/entrepreneur. Co-Founder @disforma / @singularityu Graduate - currently @GeorgetownLatAm

  • Franco Leiva

    Franco Leiva

    Maestria en Administración de Negocios y gestión de proyectos digitales - USAL/SUNY

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